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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Definitely Keep

Every new year is fresh start. Whether you regularly make and keep your resolutions, or you’ve firmly given up by the 5th January, there is one resolution that you can easily keep throughout this year and beyond – coming up with a skin care routine that works for you.

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How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard?

Some men are blessed with follicles that deliver the most luscious of beards in a week, whereas others have to wait that little bit longer. However, there are some products you can use to make that beard you’ve waited so long for extra special.

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How Face Masks Can Help in Cold Weather

Face masks can be hugely beneficial for your skin. Let’s dive into some questions you probably have about face masks to dispel the rumours and get you ready for your new favourite thing.

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Helping Hands: Why You Should Be Using Hand Cream this Season

We know we harp on a bit about moisturiser, but it’s only because it’s so good for your skin. But maybe we don’t harp on enough about how important the skin on the rest of your body is and, in particular, your hands. As a modern man, your hands go through all sorts of things, from the washing up to strumming a guitar. So, it’s a good idea to care for them – and how do you care for dry hands? Lotion.

Holiday Bag Packed? Don’t Forget These Travel Essentials

Whether you plan on living it up in Ibiza or road-tripping across the UK, your skincare routine doesn’t need to take a holiday too. So, if you’re wondering how to keep your skin happy and healthy whilst on the move, or if you’re not sure which moisturiser is best for summer holidays, we’ve got all the info.

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Grooming the Groom: Prepping for Your Wedding Day

Grooming for the big day requires a touch more attention than you might normally give yourself on a standard morning. Here, we’ll go through the top 6 things you need to think about before you set foot down that aisle.

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Food in Your Beard? Here’s How to Keep It Fresh

When it comes to your beard, there’s a fine line between stylish and Stig of the Dump. You might already know how to brush your beard, but are you giving it the level of care it needs to carry on growing healthily?

Save Yourself from Chapping in Cold Weather
Save Yourself from Chapping in Cold Weather

There’s nothing quite as annoying as the feeling of dry lips. Itchy, sore, and broken, chapped lips can totally ruin a day. Here, we’re going to look at how a good quality lip balm can make all the difference, especially during the colder months when dry skin (including your lips) is exacerbated.

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Do I Really Need All These Face Products?

Do I really need to use a face cream for men? Can’t I just use my girlfriend’s? What’s an essence? Does my face really need a different wash to my body? What to use for sensitive skin? Skincare can be tedious! But fear ye not, your washbag can easily be filled with simple yet effective products.

Cruelty Free Pilot Project Update
Cruelty Free Pilot Project Update

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Bulldog Skincare is to become the first ever international skincare brand to maintain its Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny approved status while on sale in mainland China.