5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Definitely Keep

Every new year is fresh start. Whether you regularly make and keep your resolutions, or you’ve firmly given up by the 5th January, there is one resolution that you can easily keep throughout this year and beyond – coming up with a skin care routine that works for you.

2018 was all about self-care and mindfulness and if this is something you’d like to try in 2019 (or are just looking for new techniques) why not start with your skin? Looking after the outside helps you look and feel better, but where do you start with a good skin care routine?

Resolution 1: Keep Hydrated

Your skin needs moisture and one easy resolution you can keep is to drink more water throughout the day. When your skin is hydrated, you have a much healthier skin barrier which is great for the overall wellbeing of the skin and can help with a multitude of skin issues (yes, even oily skin!).

Water won’t just help your skin either; it has many benefits to your body overall, including increasing energy levels, preventing headaches and even boosting your metabolism. So, even though it’s not quite part of your skin care regime, it’s still good prep for healthier skin in 2019.

Glass of water

Resolution 2: Try a Face Mask for Men

You may have thought about giving yourself a little more time this year, taking moments to yourself and forgetting the world outside. Why not combine that kind of self-meditation with a bit of skin care too? Face masks for men have clarifying and hydrating benefits, so while you’re taking five minutes to relax, you can be doing the same for your face.

Oil Control Face Mask

Face mask benefits are numerous, particularly if you struggle with oily skin. Not only will it help cleanse the skin of all the various pollutants you come into contact with on a daily basis, but it will reinvigorate the skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft.

Resolution 3: Clear Out Your Cupboards

The start of a new year is often a signal for us to take stock of what we have in our cupboards and closets and purge all the things we haven’t used in ages. With men’s facial products, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Man holding all Bulldog ranges

Your bathroom cabinet is probably full of half-used products you tried then stopped using after a short time, so why not start a fresh with some skin-loving products and stick to them with a brand-new skin care routine?

It doesn’t need to break the bank either, we offer a wide range of skincare products for all different skin types at prices that fit with that new 2019 budget.

Make sure you check the recycling options (and the facilities your local council provide) for anything you’re chucking away. Remember to clean and rinse before you pop anything in the recycling to ensure they don’t get rejected and end up in landfill.

Resolution 4: Use a Moisturiser Every Day

The main reason a lot of men don’t want to embrace a detailed skin care routine is that they fear it will take up too much time, not to mention finding the right type of product for their specific skin type. Something all men can benefit from regardless of skin type is a good moisturiser.

Man touching face

In the same way as water helps your body from the inside, a good moisturiser will ensure you have all your bases covered. Choose one that doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or greasy, like our Sensitive Moisturiser which contains baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb. Wondering how to apply moisturiser on the face without overloading? Just use a small pea sized amount and massage into the skin; it’s tempting to lather it on, especially when you have dry skin, but use little and often rather than using a lot once in a while. Twice a day (morning and evening after a face wash should do it) but you can increase this if you’re feeling flaky and dry during the cold winter months. Perfect for a fresh, smooth and hydrated face.

Resolution 5: Remember That You Deserve It!

The past year has been quite a big one in terms of male mental health becoming a much talked-about topic. Everybody is different in the way they approach life, but we can all learn something from treating ourselves a little bit better this year.

Man smiling

We don’t know all the answers, but we know that healthy, happy skin can help you feel good. Taking the stress out of your life is never going to be easy, but soothing it from your skin could be a good first step to better self-care in 2019.