Food in Your Beard? Here’s How to Keep It Fresh

When it comes to your beard, there’s a fine line between stylish and Stig of the Dump. You might already know how to brush your beard, but are you giving it the level of care it needs to carry on growing healthily?

Get an Epic Beard

Embracing a beard during BBQ season can be daunting; the last thing you want is to have a 20 minute conversation with someone only to check yourself in the mirror later to see a tomato ketchup home dye. It all comes down to maintenance: a good men’s beard comb, a quality shampoo, and a beard oil for streamlining your look.

Bearded man

To get the epic beard you want, you’ve got to take care of it. If you use the same soap or product on your beard as you do on your body, you’re running the risk of dryness and even breakage, as it may not be giving you the hydration beard hair needs. It might be alright for your skin, but is it also designed with yourbeard in mind?

Lets’ start with how to comb your beard.

Beard Combing Tips

It might seem like beard combing tips aren’t necessary because it should be pretty easy – just brush down right? There’s a bit more to it than that.

Here’s our top tips…

1. Comb every day

How often should you comb you beard? We recommend combing your beard every day before you leave the house. Although it might not go through much, your beard can be a home for debris from the previous day without you even realising it.

2. Start by brushing outward

Hold your comb with the teeth facing up to the ceiling then comb outwards to bring the whole beard out, starting at the neckline. This will pull apart all the hairs and fluff out the beard ready for styling.

3. Don’t comb too hard

It makes sense to pull through any knotted parts of your beard, but the last thing you want to do is pull chunks out because you’ve combed too hard. Small, gentle movements work just as well.

4. Use a wooden comb

Not only does a wooden comb give your bathroom an awesome traditional look, it’s better for your beard. Plastic combs tend to cause static which isn’t helpful when you’re styling it out, plus the edges of a wooden comb are smoother and less likely to tug on the hair.

Beard comb

Fighting Ingrown Hairs

Combing your beard is also believed to help prevent ingrown hairs which can cause a lot of irritation. Ingrown hairs can form into red bumps and lumps on the underside of your chin and neck where hair grows round and back into the follicle. If you comb every day, you’ll essentially be training your beard to grow in a set direction, reducing the chance of those pesky ingrown hairs.

Say No to Leftovers

As the title of this blog suggests, bearded men often have one specific complaint: food in the beard. We all like some leftovers, but not if they’ve been stuck in your facial hair all night. Combing your beard is just the best way to get rid of food particles that get lost in the hair.

Bearded man

Not just that but keeping an eye on the growth around your mouth is a good idea. Just a quick trim of the moustache hanging over your upper lip can make all the difference when it comes to that flaky croissant.

Staying Sleek

Combing your beard is half the journey, the rest of the time you need to be maintaining its sleekness with a quality beard shampoo and beard oil. The ingredients in these are specifically formulated for beard hair, which is very different from the hair anywhere else on your body.

Beard shampoo and conditioner will get rid of those annoying hangers-on and beard oil will give your beard much needed hydration without appearing greasy.