How Face Masks Can Help in Cold Weather

Face masks can be hugely beneficial for your skin. Let’s dive into some questions you probably have about face masks to dispel the rumours and get you ready for your new favourite thing.

When the weather changes, we all feel like staying indoors watching TV and giving ourselves a bit of TLC. However, men up and down the country are taking their living room self-care to all new levels with the use of a face mask. Yes, your girlfriend has been trying to get you to do one for ages, but they smell weird and leave your face feeling a bit too soft. At Bulldog, we’ve designed a face mask especially for men’s skin, chock full of ingredients to give your skin the best line of defence against all life has to throw at it.

What is a good face mask for men?

Face masks remove excess grime, oil, and dead skin from your face in order to freshen skin and stop things blocking your pores which then leads to spots and other skin conditions. They are thought to stimulate blood circulation which is good for maintaining youthful skin. Using a face mask helps to expand the blood vessels so your skin looks brighter.Not only does a face mask have tangible benefits, but it can also give you a much needed 10- or 20-minute break from the world. Pop it on, recline in your favourite chair or on your bed, and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. Perfect when it’s getting cold outside.

Oil Control Face Mask

Are charcoal masks good for your skin?

You might have seen some viral videos a while back of men and women using black charcoal face masks that glue to the skin and require a heck of a lot of effort to peel off. Now, these were hugely popular but not many people knew that using masks that are this sticky can actually harm the skin instead of helping it.

Whilst charcoal is a great ingredient to have in a face mask (we use it in ours!), a gentle mask is the best thing for your skin. Charcoal itself can help draw bacteria and dirt to the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling a lot happier.

How often should you use a face mask for dry skin?

Due to the fact that face masks are there to strip stuff away from your skin, it’s not a good idea to use it every day even if they are designed to take away the dirt you accumulate throughout the day. The problem with using one every single day is that it will start to strip away your skin’s natural oils, which are there to keep the chemical balance of your skin.

Bulldog Energising Sheet Mask

We recommend using a face mask two or three times a week as this will give your skin a break in between each mask. Whilst your cleansers and scrubs are for everyday use, think of the face mask as that extra boost every so often.

Can you put a face mask over a beard?

Hey, just because you’re on the hirsute side, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pampering face mask. We’ve anticipated that the hairier man might enjoy our Energising Sheet Mask just as much as our clean-shaven customers, which is why we’ve added a removable bottom half to our mask so you can take it off if you have a beard.