Preparing Your Sensitive Skin for Spring

When you have sensitive skin, the changing of the seasons and a difference in temperature can affect the skin in surprising ways. Even though we’re chomping at the bit for spring to start so we can get back outside, men with sensitive skin may be considering their skincare.

Getting your skin prepped for spring is easy with just a few steps added to your morning and evening routine.

How do you wash a sensitive face?

First things first: washing your face. The top tip is to be gentle.

Men with sensitive skin may need to be a bit more careful than their non-sensitive brothers. Exfoliating and deep scrubbing can cause more harm than good so it’s best to opt for a gentle face wash or cleanser that is free from things that might dry skin out, like alcohol or heavy fragrances.

In general, opting for products that say ‘sensitive’ on the label is a good start. The key is to retain as much moisture as you can after you wash your face so you avoid drying out during the day. Our Sensitive Face Wash, for example, is non-drying and cleanses deeply without stripping away the skin’s natural barriers.

What is the best face wash for very sensitive skin?

A lot of men try a range of face washes before they settle on one that suits them best, and we know we’re biased but we thoroughly recommend giving our one a go. Not only is it designed specifically for the unique needs of male skin, but it’s chock full of helpful ingredients that have been formulated specially for sensitive skin and help it stay hydrated no matter what it comes into contact with.

Our sensitive range is kind to skin, fragrance-free, and a perfect way to get a new routine started this spring. Even if you don’t use any other products, a face wash and moisturiser are the two key things that need to be in your bathroom cabinet.

Sensitive range

Which is better, face wash or scrub?

A lot of men with sensitive skin think that a scrub will be too harsh and exacerbate existing issues, like dryness or flakiness. The truth is that some of them will; this is why you need to think carefully about the ingredients, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add it to your skincare routine.

We’re pretty proud of our Sensitive Face Scrub, which is made with quinoa, baobab oil, and willow herb. With a mix of these natural wonders and our scientific know-how, we’ve created a scrub that gently exfoliates without drying. Another great benefit? Just like every product in our Sensitive Skincare range , it’s fragrance-free.

We recommend using a face wash morning and evening to remove impurities, followed by a moisturiser to hydrate. A couple of times a week swap out your face wash for a face scrub to help remove dead skin. Don’t make the mistake of using a scrub more than 2 or 3 times a week. Regardless of skin type (sensitive, oily, dry or normal) it won’t thank you for over-exfoliating.

Sensitive Moisturiser

What face wash is better for oily and sensitive skin?

Combination skin can be tough to remedy. A mix of both oily and dry sensitive skin needs to be treated with a good quality all-rounder that retains your skin’s natural moisture in oily areas and adds hydration to dry areas.

We’d still recommend our Oil Control range for combination skin but you could include our Oil Control Moisturiser at the end of your daily routine to maximise natural moisture and reduce shine. It contains witch hazel, willow bark, and juniper and it’s fast-absorbing and lightweight – perfect for oily skin.

Is Bulldog good for sensitive skin?

We know that every man is different, and so is his skin. The Sensitive range has been designed to offer all round care to sensitive skin by utilising a healthy mix of both nature’s and our scientists’ favourite ingredients. It’s important to know that every dollop of product that hits your skin is designed specifically for it, which is why you can use Bulldog with confidence, every single day.