Holiday Bag Packed? Don’t Forget These Travel Essentials

Whether you plan on living it up in Ibiza or road-tripping across the UK, your skincare routine doesn’t need to take a holiday too. So, if you’re wondering how to keep your skin happy and healthy whilst on the move, or if you’re not sure which moisturiser is best for summer holidays, we’ve got all the info.

When you’re on the move, whether journeying abroad or enjoying a staycation, normal rules go out the window. Balmy late nights, lie-ins until whenever you feel like, you can do what you want when you want. This sometimes also means that you neglect the usual routines you live by for the rest of the year.

This is why we recommend making sure you’ve got a travel pack ready to go whenever you set off on a new adventure. This means having a men’s travel razor, a good quality skin toner and a shower gel that’ll keep you feeling fresh no matter what you get up to. Here’s our list of must-have travel essentials and some tips on how to make sure you stick to a regime that works for you.

1. Pack your shaving equipment

Luckily, your standard every day razor is perfect to bring along with you on holiday. Whether, like Dylan, you’ve gone electric or you’ve embraced our bamboo system razor, keeping it with you is key to maintaining your look regardless of where in the world you are holidaying. Now, you might want to throw caution to the wind and let a bit of summer stubble grow out for the duration of your trip, but keeping a high quality razor close by will give you the chance to change up your style throughout the journey.


It’s also very important to keep your favourite shave gel or foam with you. The last thing you need is to start using an alternative brand just because you didn’t bring your regular one; this can lead to irritation if your skin isn’t used to the product. Luckily, our Carry On Travel Bundle includes a handy travel-sized version of our Original Shave Gel.

2. Don’t forget your toner

If you’re wondering what is a good skin toner for summer, you’ll need to think about what you’re getting up to. Your face might be putting up with some different environments over the course of your holiday – from heavy mountain winds to sandy beach breezes – so you’ll need to take extra care to get rid of any build up.

Man touching his face

Our Multi-Action Toner contains elderberry extract and vitamin E. Specially formulated to give your skin a deep cleanse and tone, ready for your moisturiser. Getting hot and sweaty (which, let’s face it, we don’t mind at all as long as it’s because we’re on holiday somewhere amazing) can have a not-so-nice effect on your skin, so keep your toner handy to use a few times a week.

3. Add some luxury with shower gel

One of life’s great mysteries when you go on holiday is your hotel shower. Why does it spit out lava one minute and ice the next? Was it designed by someone who hates showers and wants you to suffer? Will it even work at all?

Lemon and Bergamot Shower Gel

Whatever the great hotel shower roulette wheel lands, taking a good shower gel with you can add a bit of luxury where your hotel fails. There is a whole host of shower gel benefits as well, from giving you some serious aromatherapy with delectable scents, to hydrate the skin and cleanse the day away.

One of the favourites from our shower gel range is the light and revitalising Lemon and Bergamot Shower Gel. Refreshing notes of orange, lemon, lime and bergamot are complemented with basil, rosemary and cedar, and best of all (like all our products)… it’s vegan!

4. Pack your moisturiser for holiday-long hydration

You need to keep hydrated on holiday. We know how rough you can feel after a day on the beach with lots of liquid, but not enough water, if you know what we mean. Now, think of how your skin feels. Hot weather can dry out every part of you, including your body’s biggest organ (easy tiger!) – your skin.

Man applying moisturiser

Moisturiser is the best way to ensure your skin gets the care it needs when you’re busy on your trip. Even if busy means sipping pina coladas and not doing a heck of a lot. Our Original Moisturiser should be top of your list – it contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to hydrate men’s skin without leaving a sticky or greasy residue. Perfect for the happy, healthy, holidaying gent.

Looking for the perfect travel buddy? Check out Bulldog Skincare’s wide range of travel bundles, featuring all our awesome shave and skincare products.