Helping Hands: Why You Should Be Using Hand Cream this Season

We know we harp on a bit about moisturiser, but it’s only because it’s so good for your skin. But maybe we don’t harp on enough about how important the skin on the rest of your body is and, in particular, your hands. As a modern man, your hands go through all sorts of things, from the washing up to strumming a guitar. So, it’s a good idea to care for them – and how do you care for dry hands? Lotion.

The best hand cream for men is one that is designed purely for men’s skin, which differs considerably from that of your female counterparts. Even though men’s skin is thicker, it is still susceptible to the same pressures and problems as anyone else. Smoothing and conditioning your skin is the key to avoiding itchy, dry, cracked skin which can be painful.

Causes of Dry Hands

There are a wide range of reasons why the skin on your hands gets a beating. From cold and windy weather and regular hand-washing, to taking part in hands-on hobbies, your paws go through a lot. Whatever they come into contact with, it’s vital to protect them from damage.

Let’s take a look at how hand cream can help in a few key situations.

Decorating & Gardening

You might be giving your house or garden some TLC, but are you forgetting about your hands? If they get covered in paint, you’ll be scrubbing your skin to get rid of it. The same goes for cleaning off after a session in the vegetable patch.

Playing an Instrument

Piano, guitar, drums… all of them take a toll on your hands and can leave them feeling dry. They can also suffer little scrapes, cuts, and blisters if you play your instrument for an extended period of time. Rockstar injuries might look cool, but they don’t feel great.

Man strumming guitar

Frequent Washing

If you work in an office or commute regularly, you probably hear all sorts of stories about bacteria transfer, making you want to wash your hands regularly. Hygiene is great, but soap and water without any moisturiser will make them dry and chapped.

Cold Weather

As with the skin on your face and body, cold and windy weather dries you out. Your hands are no exception. Even when you move inside from the cold, the heating is switched on which continues sapping the air of humidity, leading to dryness for your hands.

Man in cold weather


When you are dehydrated, your blood volume decreases which can lead to dry skin. Keeping up your water intake throughout the day could make a big difference to the way the skin on your hands feel among other benefits.

Your Job

We’ve mentioned general workplace conditions above, but there are some professions that require you to wash your hands as a matter of urgency and importance. Doctors and nurses, for example, need to do it for their own safety and that of their patients and alcohol cleansers aren’t the kindest for skin.

Man washing hands

Finding the Best Men’s Hand Cream for Dry Skin

A dry hand lotion needs to give you the best level of hydration and nourishment possible, which means it should be specifically designed for male skin. For example, our Original Hand Cream contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It absorbs easily into the skin to help relieve dry skin, leaving the hands feeling nourished, smooth and instantly softer. It’s specially formulated to deliver 24h moisturisation, without being greasy or sticky.

There’s no set rule that says how often you should use hand cream. Some people say to use it every time you wash your hands, whereas some people will use it sporadically throughout the day. Any time you start feeling dry or you notice little cracks when you look closely at your skin, whack out the hand cream and nourish yourself.

Your hands age as quickly as you face does as they are exposed to the same elements. UV rays, weather damage, and general wear all lead to the appearance of aging on your hands. With regular use of hand cream, you can minimise these signs by improving elasticity and moisture.

Hand cream and book

Steps to Take for Healthier Hands

Aside from using hand cream as often as you can, there are few steps you can take in your daily life to improve the condition of your hands.

For example, if you’re going out and about for a long time in the cold and windy weather (which looks like it’s coming on strong right now), make sure you wear gloves. Preventing your hands from coming into contact with the air and surrounding pollutants is the best first line of defence against dryness.

Also, exfoliating your face is something many men have as part of their grooming regime, but don’t forget your hands as well. The skin on your hands is obviously quite fragile, but that doesn’t it can’t handle a good scrub to get rid of any dry skin as long as you make sure to use a moisturising hand cream as soon as you’re finished and, of course, we recommend our one!

Dry hands happen to a lot of us, even if we don’t do much to exacerbate the situation. The best thing to do is attack the problem as soon as you see it, rather than wait for it to become worse and cause more pain and stress. In fact, stress is often hailed as a leading cause of skin conditions like acne, so it’s a good idea to nip things in the bud as soon as you can.