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Sensitive Range

Formulated for men with sensitive skin in mind.

3 Steps to Great Skin

Just because you’ve got sensitive skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to look after your mug. Those with sensitive skin need extra gentle and caring products. Our sensitive products are fragrance-free and specially formulated for men who experience sensitive skin.

Sensitive Face Wash
Sensitive Moisturizer


Sensitive Face Wash– Lather up this gentle face wash on wet skin and wash twice a day (morning and evening) before moisturising.


Sensitive Face Scrub– Gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Containing quinoa to exfoliate. Use up to 3 times a week.


Sensitive Moisturiser– Hydrate without leaving the skin greasy or sticky. Use twice a day morning & evening after cleansing.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Many men will experience sensitive skin in their lifetimes while some will have to take care when choosing products to use.

Sensitive skin can manifest itself in a number of different ways irritation, redness, dryness or even tightness.

Environment and lifestyle can also play a part. Bracing weather in winter (think wind chill and cold) or shaving can cause additional stress to men’s skin.

How To Care For Sensitive Skin?

One thing to consider is that reactions can occur at any time with any substance, not just with skincare. Most allergies are totally harmless to the majority of people and these can include any component ranging from food and plants to medication and chemicals.

That means it’s worth checking the ingredients list (usually found on the back of pack) to see if there’s a common factor that triggers discomfort.

One of the most common causes of reaction in skincare is the fragrance. So if you’re looking for the best moisturiser for sensitive skin you should be opting for one that’s gentle and fragrance-free.

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Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our Sensitive Range has been specially formulated to be extra gentle for daily use on sensitive prone skin. We use carefully selected man-made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as; Baobab Oil, Oat Oil & Willow Herb.