Introducing our latest innovation…

A Quality Shave, Responsibly Crafted

Our new Glass Razors have been specially designed for men who want a quality shave from a beautifully crafted, environmentally conscious razor they can show off on the bathroom shelf.

Recycled glass, a lot less plastic and a quality shave.

Sensitive Glass Razor

Recycled Glass

Bulldog’s new Glass Razors take sustainable design to a new level and bring the razor category into the circular economy.

Every razor handle is crafted using at least 70% recycled glass from durable beer bottles and is fully recyclable.

What’s more, like all Bulldog razors, both the Original and Sensitive Glass Razors come packaged in plastic free packaging made from recycled card.

A Razor You Want To Show Off

We’ve included a recyclable metal stand in our Glass Razor packs.

The stands are specially designed to keep the razors upright to help blades stay dry which helps to keep your blades in tip-top condition.

But mainly it’s so the beautifully crafted glass razors can be kept out and not hidden away in the bathroom cabinet.

A New Generation of Razor Handles

Our Glass Razor handles are made using beer bottle recycled glass

This durable recycled glass is frosted (so it wins extra style points) to help improve grip and performance.

Recycled glass, a lot less plastic and a quality shave.

Pro tip: use your Original Glass Razor with Bulldog’s new and improved Foaming Shave Gel powered by air (not aerosols), for a truly environmentally conscious shave. Finish with one of our Moisturisers to leave the skin hydrated, soft and refreshed.

Original Range… For dry to normal skin


Original Moisturizer

Sensitive Range… Fragrance-Free & Formulated For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Glass Razor
Sensitive Moisturizer