Do I Really Need All These Face Products?

Do I really need to use a face cream for men? Can’t I just use my girlfriend’s? What’s an essence? Does my face really need a different wash to my body? What to use for sensitive skin? Skincare can be tedious! But fear ye not, your washbag can easily be filled with simple yet effective products. Some of them are daily essentials and some are to use a couple of times a week for optimum skin health. The industry likes to tell you that you need every acid under the sun in your grooming arsenal, you don’t. As man’s best friend, we’re here to help you streamline your kit and cut out the skincare products that are actually a waste of time and save you precious pennies.

Men’s Skin

In short, yes you do need a face cream for men. As testosterone triggers your sebaceous glands to produce oil, most men have oilier skin than women. Men also have thicker skin and produce more collagen (a protein in the human body that declines as we age thus causes wrinkles and sagging skin). So, a wrinkle cream for men is often lighter than a wrinkle cream for women. Sometimes, men have dry skin though, so this answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Let us explain.

Most men will notice that they have oily skin at some point in their life. Although, shiny skin, visible open pores and sometimes blemishes can be a pest at times, there are benefits to oily skin! When oily skin is looked after properly, it actually looks dewy and youthful. Embrace the glow guys. Oily skin may also appear to age slower so you’re winning in the long run. Look after your oily skin by using oil controlling formulas in the day and a thicker moisturiser at night.

To keep grease at bay, you need a moisturiser that mattifies your skin but keeps it hydrated at the same time. Women’s moisturisers tend to be thicker as their skin is thinner (in general), so it’s best to stick to a men’s cream for this. All of the products in our Oil Control range have been designed to balance the skin rather than stripping it of its natural oils. Our Oil Control Moisturiser is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated all day and also helps mattify your complexion.

At night, opt for a thicker formula. Your skin is the most active when you sleep as the human growth hormone (HGH) kicks in. This hormone is also responsible for accelerating skin cell regeneration, which is fantastic (hence why we use the term beauty sleep). However, one downer of this phase is that your skin loses moisture at this time. This is called transepidermal water loss (TEWL for all you acronym fans out there). Instead of light formulas, you should slap on a thicker formula to help counteract the effects of TEWL. Our 24 Hour Moisturiser is perfect for night use and will leave the skin feeling firm, smooth and nourished.

Must Haves

Now that you know moisturiser is a must have, we need to discuss the other essentials you need in your skincare arsenal. Men’s skin is susceptible to sensitivities. In fact, 71% of men have claimed to have skin sensitivities before. * This isn’t surprising when you think about it. Men shave, trim and grow facial hair, all actions which can lead to sensitive skin that manifests itself through irritation, redness, dryness or tightness. With this in mind, you need to keep products for sensitive skin for those “just in case moments” as you will probably experience sensitivities at some point in your life.

Before we tell you what to use for sensitive skin, we should tell you how you can prevent it first, and this is with a couple of non-negotiable must have products. Lots of us forgo using a specific cleanser for the face. We know how obvious it might sound when we say that you should wash your face every day, but so many men use a shower gel on their face! The skin on your face is different to the skin on your body and so it needs different care. A good cleanser is gentle yet effective. It will leave your skin feeling soft and clean without making it feel tight after use.

Our Original Face Wash is a best seller and well coveted for its refreshing feel. However, if you feel that you are prone to redness and tightness, then try out the Sensitive version. It contains oat oil, willow herb and baobab and it’s non-drying and fragrance free.

If you wet shave, then please use a lubricant. Friction burn is one of the most common shaving mistakes we see and it’s so easily avoided by using a good shave gel that acts like a cushion between the razor and your skin so that it easily glides across your face.

Now that you know how to cleanse properly and you know the importance of shave gel, we thoroughly recommend you keep our Sensitive Moisturiser in your bathroom cabinet for the times that your skin does misbehave (sometimes, redness and irritation can be caused by environmental factors that you can’t avoid). This fragrance free- formula has been designed to sooth the skin and moisturise it at the same time.

Skincare Products for Men

Oil Control Moisturizer
Original Face Wash
Original Shave Gel

Oil Control Moisturiser

The fast absorbing face cream for men contains witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. It has been specially formulated to provide lightweight hydration whilst giving a mattified finish. Enjoy your skin feeling smoother and looking healthier.

How to Use:

1. Use morning after cleansing.

2. Apply evenly to face and neck.

Original Face Wash

This non-drying face wash contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to cleanse men’s skin, leaving it looking visibly clear and feeling refreshed.

How to Use:

1. Lather up on wet skin and rinse

2. Use morning and evening

3. Always follow up with a moisturiser

Original Shave Gel

This hydrating shave gel contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to help the razor glide over the skin, delivering a smooth and close shave and leaving the skin fresh and clean.

How to Use:

1. Wet face with warm water

2. Massage into stubble

3. Shave smooth

Once or Twice a Week

The world of skincare can be a minefield to navigate around. You’ve sussed that you need a face wash, shave gel and a moisturiser but what about all the other bits that are around? Do you really need an exfoliator? What’s an essence? What’s a serum? Don’t sweat it. Here’s what you need and how often you should use them.

First, let’s demystify what the bellow products are. We’ll let you choose whether you want to use them or not:

Serum: This is a product you use after cleansing, underneath your moisturiser. It is used to target specific skincare concerns (like fine lines, blemishes or dryness). Serums contain a potent blend of ingredients that penetrate deeply in to the skin. If you find yourself regularly hunting for the perfect wrinkle cream for men, then a serum underneath your usual moisturiser might be a great addition for your skincare routine. If, however, you’re content with your skin just moisturising, then that is fine too.

Essence: Inspired by K-Beauty, Essences also are used under moisturisers after cleansing. So now you’re thinking, what’s the difference between that and a serum then? Well, we are generalising here, but they are sort of the same thing! Sometimes, essences are more lightweight than a serum (so if you are super oily, this might be a better option), but it’s just another word.

Exfoliating Solution: These tend to be chemical exfoliators made from ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid and/or lactic acid. They remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin so that you absorb treatment products like serums and moisturisers better. Everyone should exfoliate once/twice a week to unclog pores and give skin a deep clean.

For men, we recommend a physical exfoliator as oppose to a chemical one, especially if you shave. Using a scrub can help lift ingrown hairs off the surface of the skin, allowing for a smoother shave. Our scrubs all contain gentle and natural exfoliants such as oat kernel or quinoa husk to help remove dead skin cells.