Best Men’s Grooming Products for a Great First Impression

Put Your Best Face Forward

Skincare shouldn’t be ignored. It may not be the very first thing you notice when you meet someone new, but great skin can help you feel more confident on that all-important first meeting

It can be easy to overlook your own skincare, but trust us, your date’s going to be focused on how you look. Every man should look to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise. Not just before a first date, but every day. The smallest routines that don’t take too much effort are usually the easiest to maintain, so stick with something simple if you want to make good skincare a habit.

If you’re prone to oily skin, try our Oil Control Face Mask when getting ready for a date. It contains witch hazel, willow bark, and juniper, as well as a blend of Kaolin, Cornish, and Volcanus clays. It has been specially formulated to help minimise excess oil, and to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Don’t forget to use a quick swipe of our lip balm as well to prevent dryness and keep your lips soft.

Man with suit and tie

Groom Your Facial Hair

No matter what kind of facial hair you’re currently sporting, from clean shaven to a full-on mountain man beard, look at how your facial hair looks over all. Get out the clippers and give yourself a once over, taking care of any stray hairs or fly-aways, and evening out any uneven patches that you find.

If you have a beard, shampoo and condition it, comb it, use some beard oil, and style it with some beard sculpting products (like our beard balm) if need be. A first date is when you want your beard to be looking its very best, as well as leaving it soft and touchable.

Bearded man in suit and tie

Take Care of Your Hands

Having clean hair and nails are part of the whole overall package, so you’ll want to make sure they’re nice and clean. Trim your fingernails before scrubbing under them with a nail brush. Dirty fingernails are a no go, so make sure they’re well cared for, too.

It never hurts to use some moisturiser as well, so right before you walk out the door, soften up your hands with a little bit of hand cream.

Smell Fresh

If you’re not the type to wear cologne, don’t skip over this part, because it still applies to you. Smelling fresh is a whole myriad of things, not just hopping out of the shower and hoping for the best. Definitely shower beforehand, of course, making sure to scrub everywhere. Put on some deodorant, brush your teeth (twice, if you have to), and if you have some, dab on a bit of cologne to the neck, chest, and wrists.

Smells can bring back memories stronger than any other sense, so make sure that your date’s memory of you is a good one. Find a scent that works well with your individual smell, and you’re sure to leave a good impression.

First Impression Dos and Don’ts

Smart looking man in suit

DO take a shower beforehand

DO pay attention to your skincare routine

DO moisturise your face and hands

DO groom your facial hair… no matter what kind of beard you’re sporting

DON’T let your fingernails grow into claws

DON’T have dry lips

DON’T dress like you’re hanging around the house on a Sunday afternoon

DON’T forget to use deodorant and brush your teeth

Follow these simple steps for your first date grooming routine, and you’re sure to make a good first impression that will stick with them for a long time.