7 Shaving Tips for Men You Need to Know

As we move away from winter and into spring, you might be thinking about ditching the facial hair and letting your chin see the light of day again. Even if you’ve always preferred the clean-shaven look, are you definitely doing it right? Check out our top 6 shaving mistakes and how you can avoid them.

We recommend heeding a few simple bits of advice from us, the experts in male skincare, so you can achieve smooth skin that’s ready for anything. Check out our top seven shaving tips for men.

1. Get Hydrated

You probably have a morning routine that you’ve become used to over the years. Whether it involves rolling unceremoniously out of your bed or jumping straight up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you probably start shaving early in the day.

The thing is, your skin can be dehydrated first thing in the morning, often appearing a bit puffy upon waking up. We recommend leaving your skin to ‘wake up’ for around 20-30 minutes before you start your shave so, time to make a coffee and have a shower. This will give you a better canvas, reducing the chance of razor burn.

2. Use the Right Lubrication

You might have been taught how to shave by your dad or another man in your life, meaning you’ve probably adopted their way of doing things. But there is no one-size-fits-all lubrication because every man’s skin is different. So, the shaving cream your dad used might not be the best one for your skin. Then again, why use shaving cream at all?

Simply put, your face needs lubrication to help your razor glide across the skin, reducing the risk of cuts and rashes. You could opt for a shaving foam or gel, each one offering different benefits. Make sure you lather it up spread it across your face, so it gives moisture to the hairs, softening them for shaving.

Man applying shave cream

3. What About Shaving Oil?

If cream and foam aren’t for you, why not try a shaving oil? One of the big benefits of shaving oil is that it’s a clear solution, helping you get clean lines and a precise shape, particularly useful if you have a moustache or goatee that needs neatening up.

If you’re prone to irritation you can even try adding a layer of shave oil to your face under your cream or foam for added lubrication.

Just make sure to use it sparingly, just a couple of drops is enough to get full face coverage. We recommend dropping a little bit into your palm, rubbing your hands together then spreading it evenly over your face.

Original Bamboo Razor

4. Don’t Press Too Hard

Another mistake some men make is rushing through their shave and pressing down too hard on the skin. Men’s skin, whilst robust, can become delicate if it’s not taken care of properly. If you push too hard, you could find yourself with some serious razor burn and a very uncomfortable face.

Your razor should be good enough and sharp enough to take the brunt of the work, so if you’re struggling to keep a smooth flow when you shave, it might be time to look at getting a new razor. Having said that, it could also come down to not washing your blades enough. The build up of hair and lubricant can block the cartridge , so make sure your razor gets a regular rinse during your shave.

5. Shave in the Direction That Feels Most Comfortable

Your facial hair grows in all sorts of directions so it’s never wise to suggest a standard direction to shave in. Generally, men shave with the direction of growth on the sides of their face and chin, but against the direction of growth under their chin. We recommend always shaving with the grain to avoid irritation which can happen as the razor drags.

You’ll know which way you’re shaving because you’ll feel the difference in the movement of your razor. One method to work out which way your hair is growing is to get something with a solid edge, like a credit or business card, moving back and forth across the stubble. If the card comes up against resistance, you’re going against the grain. If it moves smoothly, you’re going with it.

6. Putting the Razor Down Isn’t the End of the Shave

When you look for shaving tips for men, remember that they shouldn’t stop with the shave. A lot of men have a quick rinse and a wipe down with a towel then go about the rest of their day. It is so important to treat the skin after you shave in order to keep it healthy and smooth. Rinse your face with cool water and pat it dry straight after shaving, then apply an aftershave balm or moisturiser.

Original Aftershave Balm

If you’ve been put off aftershaves in the past, it means you’ve probably felt the sting of products that contain alcohol which can dry and irritate the face. Choose a balm that contains soothing ingredients and is specially formulated to use after shaving. Our Sensitive Aftershave Balm is made with sensitive skin in mind and contains ingredients like baobab oil and willow herb.

7. Make Sure You’ve Got the Full Kit

Shaving and skincare go hand in hand so making sure you have every necessary tool at your disposal will make the whole process a lot easier and fun. From a quality face wash to clean away daily pollutants to a hydrating moisturiser that gives your face some proper luxury, getting a kit of skin-loving products in your bathroom cabinet will ensure you enjoy every step of the shave, from start to finish.