Caring for Your Mature Skin

The hands of time will keep on ticking along no matter how young you feel – but this doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world! Don’t fight aging skin, learn to embrace it and take care of it with a few simple steps.

We all age and, at the end of the day, the point is not to try and turn back the clock. The aim is to prolong your skin’s health by giving it the things it needs as you move through the years, from a face wash for mature skin, to a diet packed full of nourishment. Let’s start with the basics…

Pin Down a Routine

It’s never too late to start with better skincare, even if you’ve never touched a face product in your life. The best way to get started on a routine is to keep things simple. The last thing you want to do is feel like you’ve added an extra hour to your day piling all sorts of lotions and potions onto your face. Think about the areas you’d like to improve and find the right products for it.

One of the main complaints you might have as you get older is the brightness and elasticity of the skin. Of course, you can’t reverse these things, but you can certainly take steps towards a firmer and smoother look.

The best place to start is with a wash. While there’s no specific face wash for aging skin we would suggest you step up your game by cleansing twice a day, morning and night. We recommend trying out a serum too, as this can help give the skin the firmness it needs. Choose products with antioxidants too – like our combination of rosemary, echinacea and vitamin E – so you give your skin the best chance.

Mature man with great skin

Hydration is Key

As you get older, you need a bit more moisture than before. Aging has an effect on lots of skin-related things so it’s important to give your face what it really needs.

But what is a good moisturiser for mature skin? Well, it needs to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without weighing the skin down.

Age Defence Moisturiser

It might feel counter-intuitive to suddenly be using more creams and serums when you’re trying to keep it clean and smooth, but trust us, it works. In fact, our Age Defence Moisturiser can reduce the appearance of lines within 4 weeks (used twice a day) – give it a try, it can’t hurt!

Easy on the Eyes

They say your eyes are the windows to the soul – so let’s make sure they’re showcasing you properly. We all know that as you get older, the skin around the eyes can darken and leave you feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead.

When you start asking questions about your skincare, like what is the best facial cleanser for men, don’t forget to think about how different skin around areas of the face can be. The skin around your eyes needs something a bit more effective than the standard, so try and eye roll-on that contains all antioxidants necessary to brighten dark circles and soothe puffiness.

Not to brag, but our Age Defence Eye Roll-On is an award winner, taking home Best New Eye Treatment this at the GQ Grooming Awards this year.

Age Defence Eye Roll-On

Look After Yourself

Products, lotions, tonics and serums are great at boosting your skin’s appearance but making sure you’re living a happy and healthy lifestyle is also a huge part of keeping mature skin looking and feeling great.

Happy mature man

It’s the usual suspects: try and sleep as much as you can, drink lots of water, get out and about for a spot of exercise when you have the chance, and basically do your best to love your body – it’ll show in your skin!

Age is just a number, but your face doesn’t have to show it.