Confused about recycling? Just send your products back and we’ll do the rest.

Here at Bulldog, we’re always on the lookout for ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

With our partners over at First Mile, we’ve launched a brand-new scheme, which will allow all our customers to send their used razor blades and white tubes back to us.

That’s right, you can now simply pop your used blades and tubes in the post to us and we’ll make sure they get recycled or recycled to energy. The best bit – it’s completely free and we’ll even cover the cost of postage. Not bad, ey!

Step 1

Pop your used blades and/or empty white tubes (with lids on) in a suitable envelope – don’t worry we’ll recycle your envelope too.

Step 2

Write the Freepost address

“Freepost First Mile – Bulldog”

on your envelope (no need to pay for postage and yes, that’s the full address!)

Step 3

Take your envelope to a post box or post office for drop off. Unfortunately, most post boxes are too narrow for our tube lids – you can always give it a go if you’re feeling adventurous.

Tip: Try to pick an envelope (pre-used if possible) that’s just the right size, no point in shipping empty space.

What We Do With Your Blades

We’ll receive your blades, sort them and then turn the used blades into energy. This is done at certified Energy from Waste facilities, creating renewable energy that is used to power homes and businesses.

What We Do With Your Tubes

We’ll receive your empty tubes (with lids on please) and sort them. We’ll then put them through a process called Microwave Pyrolysis which turns the plastic tubes into an oil. We then take this oil, refine it and use it to make new plastic pellets.

These plastic pellets can then be used to create brand new tubes. The best bit about the whole process, it powers itself so it’s carbon neutral. That’s right, during Microwave Pyrolysis, a gas is released that is captured and used as energy to power the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why bother sending back my blades, can’t I just put these in my recycling bin?

    Although cartridge razor blades are made up of materials that are recyclable, they actually can’t currently be recycled. Consequently, if you place them in your recycling bin they will most likely end up in landfill.

  • Why are the blades turned into renewable energy and not turned back into new blades?

    The most effective way to ensure razor blades don’t end up in landfill is to use them to generate renewable energy that is then used to power homes and businesses.

  • Is Energy from Waste better than sending things to landfill?

    Absolutely. Landfill releases toxic gases into the atmosphere and leaches poisonous chemicals into the ground. Additionally, landfill releases about 0.50 CO2 emissions per KG of waste whereas Energy from Waste releases around 0.28 CO2 emission per KG. Energy from Waste also has the added benefit that it produces renewable energy that can be used to power homes and businesses.

  • Do I need to clean my blades before I send them back?

    No, there is no need. Simply place the protective cover that came with the blades back on (don’t worry if you’ve lost it) and pop your used blades in a sturdy envelope and we’ll do the rest. If you do send back the protective cover, we’ll make sure this gets recycled too.

  • Why bother sending back my tubes, can’t I just put these in my recycling bin?

    The UK recycling system is a bit of a lottery, items that can be recycled in one local authority might not be able to be recycled by another. Additionally, plastic is traditionally “downcycled” when it’s disposed of via curb side recycling. This means it is turned into plastic that is of a lower quality than the original plastic that was disposed of. That’s why we’re launching our tube recycling scheme with First Mile. Through the scheme all tubes sent back to us will be recycled and turned back into high quality new tubes.

  • Should I clean my tubes before I send them back?

    No, don’t worry about cleaning your tubes. Water is a precious resource so you don’t need to wash them out as they will get a thorough wash during the recycling process – let’s not waste water by washing them twice.
    Squeeze out as much of that precious Bulldog formula as you can before sending them to us. That’s good enough for us.

  • Should I leave the lids on my tubes?

    Yes, please. There is no need to remove the lids.
    Send your tubes back with the lids and caps on. If you’ve lost the lid don’t worry, you can still send the tube back. Just remember to make sure there is no product left inside.

  • How many can I send back?

    You can send back as many used blades and tubes as you like. We’d love to receive them all.

  • Can I use a box?

    You can, but if you just have a few blades and/or tubes, it’s best to pop them in an envelope rather than a box. That’s because a box takes up more space in a delivery vehicle, so it isn’t as efficient. A top tip is to squeeze the air out of the tube to compress it, then pop the lid back on. That way it’ll be taking up as small a space as possible. There’s no point in posting air, right.

  • Can I send back other brands products too?

    Unfortunately not. We cannot take other brands products as we won’t know the composition of their tubes and blades.

  • Who are First Mile?

    First Mile is a leading sustainability company, specialising in providing recycling solutions that enable businesses and brands to have a positive impact on the planet and evidence the results. You can read more about them here:

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