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Energising Range

Specially formulated for dull & tired skin

3 Steps to Great Skin

Our skin has a lot to deal with these days. To help battle dull and tired skin, get yourself a full energising routine to wake up the skin.

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Energising Face Wash– Lather up on wet skin and wash twice a day (morning and evening) before moisturising.


Energising Face Scrub– This invigorating scrub uses coconut shell for tropical exfoliation. Use up to 3 times a week.


Energising Moisturiser– This brightening moisturiser improves the appearance of tired-looking and dull skin to revitalize and leave the skin healthier looking.

What is Tired & Dull Skin?

Does your skin look like it’s got a hangover, even if you don’t?

Sometimes life’s a bit unfair like that. If you’re noticing your skin’s looking a little puffy and those dark circles under your eyes seem to be deepening in colour on a daily basis, you have what we would term tired & dull skin.

To keep it simple this means that your skin might be a little dehydrated and in need of some… oomph (that’s a technical term by the way).

How To Care For Tired & Dull Skin

What your mug needs is an energy boost to brighten and rejuvenate. Our Energising range contains brightening actives to do just that.

A super hydrating moisturiser works as part of a skincare routine designed to even out the skin tone and brighten. All with a revitalising fragrance of citrus, ginger, and lime to awaken and invigorate the senses.

The perfect skincare boost; first thing in the morning and in the evening to end your day.

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Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our Energising Range has been specially formulated for everyday use to rejuvenate and brighten tired-looking skin. We use carefully selected man-made ingredients in conjunction with some incredible natural ingredients such as…


Widely known for its brightening properties, rice is rich in vitamin B and a staple ingredient in South East Asian skincare regimes. In our Moisturiser and Mask we use sodium phytate (phytic acid) derived from rice bran which is a Polyhydroxy Acid. PHAs are gentle chemical exfoliants to brighten the skin.


Well known for its moisturising and skin softening properties, algae is also sustainably grown sourced and harvested. We’ve used “Green Caviar”, which is often used in Japanese beauty rituals for its hydrating properties.


We’ve harnessed the power of Maize in our moisturising products. Glycogen (the active ingredient extracted from Maize) helps to even skin tone and brighten. We are the first brand to launch in the UK with this active.