Keeping Your Skin Healthy at Home this Winter

In this piece, we’ll look at some of the key products you need to set up a quality routine as well as some of the factors affecting male skin during the colder months.

We’ve all been spending a lot more time indoors this year and, with winter coming, we are likely to be indoors even more. When it comes to keeping your skin healthy at home, setting up an easy-to-do routine is the best way to give your skin a fighting chance as the seasons change.

What causes your face to break out?

Skin breakouts are common when there is a change in temperature or elements of your lifestyle. We usually think of breakouts as being acne-related, but people who struggle with dry or sensitive skin can also have sudden bouts which can seemingly come from nowhere.

The atmosphere around you has a lot to do with your skin. The air indoors is often a lot drier than the air outdoors, especially in winter. When we have the heating on, the dry air makes for dry skin as you are not absorbing as much moisture. This can be a real issue for men with dry or dehydrated skin.

So, with both winter weather making us want to keep the heating on, and the increased time we are all spending inside, your skin needs to be looked after with products that are designed specifically for you.

How do I start a skincare routine?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our recent blog to get a detailed lowdown on what products to use at what time. The main elements are to wash your face properly and use moisturiser. With those two things in your arsenal, you’ll be loading your skin with hydration. Using a face wash like the Bulldog Original Face Wash is a great start as it contains the best of nature and science. With camelina oil, green tea, and aloe vera, your skin is nourished from the first use and with daily use you’ll be able to keep your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

What should my morning skincare routine be?

With many people working from home over the past few months, morning routines have definitely changed. If you’re finding yourself getting up a lot later than usual, it can be easy to let skincare fall by the wayside considering you aren’t going out much. But, keeping to a routine is vital if you want to maintain healthy skin.

We recommend you start with a face wash and toner. Even though you aren’t leaving the house as often, your skin still produces sweat and dead skin so it’s important to make sure you are giving your face room to breathe. After a wash and toner, apply a moisturiser or face cream to help lock in the moisture and give your skin all-day nourishment.

Not only does this help your skin, but it can also go a long way to setting you up for the day.

Oil Control Moisturiser

Does stress really cause acne?

There are a number of contributing factors when it comes to acne. Lifestyle, hormones, temperature, and your emotions can all come together to cause certain breakouts of acne.

While stress doesn’t directly cause acne, it can contribute to it. Acne-prone skin is usually seen when the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum, clogging your pores and leading to spots. The Bulldog Skincare Oil Control range has a whole host of products designed to help relieve oil prone skin and leave it moisturised without being weighed down. With natural ingredients like willow bark and juniper, and some serious scientific know-how, we’ve got the perfect blend to put your best face forward.

How do you get clear skin?

Winter is not the most skin-loving season of them all, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. Clear skin is healthy skin and it can be achieved by using products that have been designed with you in mind. Don’t just settle for the first thing on the shelf, work with your skin not against it. Whether you have dry or sensitive skin, oily skin, mature skin, or combination skin – we’ve got you covered.